Himynameis DarKHaZZl3, I created 'The science of selling yourself short' in March 2011 with this as my opening:

    I'm some years old. I'd give you more about who I am, but honestly? You probably don't care all too much.
With any luck you should get a general idea of who I am by reading this, I mean after all, the general Idea of a 'blog' is to show people your inner self right?....
....Personally, I'm writing to vent my frustration about everything, and I don't care whether you agree with me or not. What I write is what I think, and although it is the 'truth' in my eyes, don't close your eyes and mind to other possibilities.
I might also share some other assorted items of interest to do with my life...if you're lucky.'

Not a great deal has changed since then.

I have grown ever more cynical, but more introverted about it.

On the flip side I have become more open about things I am passionate about (not just beliefs).

It is to this end I created a 'sub-blog' here called 'The Cardboard Cartographer;' a blog about my experiences in the world of table top games. It includes reviews, discussion about game mechanics and rants about the logistics of an obscure hobby.
As of February 2015 this became the main feature of The science of selling yourself short. While this is awesome, I felt it was time for The Cardboard Cartographer to have its own identity and the e-zine was born!

This brings back the void that existed before.

In the later parts of 2015 and well into 2016 I decided to try and fill this void by working on far too many things.This blog has became a 'hub' if you will for that activity; be that my YouTube and Twitch activity, or a digital workshop for all my 'none miniature gaming' hobby activities.

So what exactly will become of The science of selling yourself short is unknown; it has become this fluid entity. A cauldron of emotions and ambitions throw together to form a hot mess of ideas given form.
Regardless of what it is, and what it isn't,
I will continue to stand by my original missions statement as much as possible.

Either way, expect what is posted here to be either some form of cynical, sarcastic socio-liberal rant, or something to do with cats...

  Welcome to The science of selling yourself short.

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