Thursday, 22 December 2016

98. Two way.

Diary-esq post.
INB4 cba to read that.

Some people purport to 'good friends' and indeed, some of their actions in some of the harder times match this.
Yet, it's their everyday actions that make me question their level of attachment.
Makes me think sometimes, that I'm just being humoured.

Conversations are two way processes.
They are not one person talking at another...
Nor are they waiting for each other to stop talking, just so you can 'take your turn.'

They involve reciprocation, and listening... actually listening.

When someone asks 'how your day is going,' you reciprocate by replying and asking the same.
And when you never do, what does that mean?
When someone says they're listening, but when you ask, 'what did I just say,' and they can't answer, you're not listening.

Recently some folk don't do one or both of those.
Maybe they've got a lot on their mind, maybe they're tired...

Or maybe they're just humouring me.
Maybe I'm just another face in the crowd, or just another problem they have to deal with...

Either way, it feels more like I'm not worth the effort of conversation, or worth listening to.
That I don't matter.

I'm having a rough second half of 2016.

Monday, 19 December 2016

97. Twitch.Tv Guide concept

 So this is a concept I came up with (I doubt I'm the first too obviously, but I digress..).
Would it be a valuable idea to post the intended content of a stream well ahead of time, like a TV guide?

Now, I don't mean a schedule (i already have one of those).
A schedule is like the name of the show; 
Family Guy.

The intended content would be like; in this episode of family guy X does Y.

So in context it would be like this:

Shows are at 8pm UK.
Tuesday - #TechnicalTuesday:  An arts and crafts show, both digital and traditional.

Wednesday - #WifiWednesday: A show dedicated to games with online/ l.a.n multiplayer.

Thursday - #FreeForAllThursday: The time of the week where we get to play anything! This is where the vast majority of my full game play through's come from

Weekly Stream guide;
19/12/16 Stream Guide.

Tuesday - #TechnicalTuesday: We're continuing the Warhammer 40K Ork Warboss digital drawing from last weeks stream (check the VOD if you missed it!)

Wednesday - #WifiWednesday: One of my followers suggested we play 'Fist Full of Frags,' a small free to play source game on Steam (if you wanna join in, hit me up on discord)

Thursday - #FreeForAllThursday: We've had a couple of weeks off, so we're returning to our play through of Pokémon Uranium! Time to get revenge on the Hokagae!

It more informative, and the Twitch channel comments section is perfect for it.

It also is more helpful for folks who stumble upon your stream when you're offline; they know what you intend to stream, what kind of things are shown on this channel, and if it is worth their time popping back when you are online.
I imagine a lot of folks just look at channels they stumble on and glide right past.

The above could lead to more concurrent viewers on stream; people coming back for more because they know they'll be interested in it.. which fuels audience engagement, especially when playing games with your community.

I think it's a neat idea.

What do you think?
Do you think this idea is good or bad?
Do you think it's applicable to more than one platform (YouTube?)
Would a Weekly Show guide make you more likely to come and watch a stream?

If you have any thoughts or feedback let me know!

Until next time

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

96. Upload slowed...

I posted this on my Twitch announcement page...but I thought I'd put it here... kinda just to spam it as many places as possible.

'It has been brought to my attention that we have some stuttering issues (thanks Lekiriku =])

One of the issues may have been the bitrate.

I have changed this for the next stream to see if it helps

After looking into it a little more however, I think it has something to do with my ISP.

The gist of my Twitter exchange with VirginMedia today:

@Virginmedia DL speed has improved thanks. Figured out 1 my problems though. Upload limit is terrible on all tariffs. Not good for #Twitch

@virginmedia 1 hr reduction after 1000MB is 1024Kbps (-50%), then 768Kbps (-63%) after the next 1000MB. 2 hour #twitch stream is 3gb

@virginmedia Only on VIVID is 2 hours doable, but Any more than that and you'll run into problems. And it's over double the cost #Twitch

@virginmedia And between the hours of 4pm - 11pm. Peak #twitch streaming time.

@virginmedia I get upload limits are there to discourage piracy, but it punishes #Twitch and #YouTube content creators

So there you go.
I doubt this issue will improve drastically anytime soon...
Though if we stick to the lower bitrate, and a 2hour stream time, we should be okay going forward.
But any plans for longer streams will have to be put on hold for a while.'


Monday, 12 December 2016

95. Speedpaint. EpicErid

If you're subscribed to me on YouTube you may have seen my latest video (If not, you should totally click here and do that now!)

In this video I drew an avatar for a good friend of mine we've mentioned here before; EpicErid!

The video is the product of 2 separate streams on my Twitch channel (which you can follow by clicking here!).

It took about 6 hours to draw and paint, but I've condensed it down to about 20 mins by upping the speed by 800 times!

Anyway, you should go check it out, and subscribe for more if you enjoy it!