Tuesday, 31 May 2016

77. #TeamJigglybutts

Hi guys, whats happening?

A smol update for y'all today.

Recently I've been busy doing stuff... nothing noteworthy for the most part, but I thought I'd let you know about a new show I'm running on my Twitch channel as of this week!

If you've read some of my previous entries, or watched my channel before, you may have noticed that on occasion I am joined by my friend Andrew aka MyWallet (MyWallet the Butt Knight).
He's a smash player who mains Samus, and labbs for the Samus discord.
In addition we've recently started to compete in local tournaments (by compete I mean get destroyed in).

Well, as of this week we'll be starting a show on my Twitch channel.
Every Wednesday he'll be joining me to play stuff... mainly retro(ish) Nintendo games.

So, I'd appreciate if you joined us there!
So make sure to follow me on Twitch and Twitter to be sure you don't miss it!

PS: Here is the shows Twitch banner :D

DH and Mywallet show

See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, 17 May 2016

General update.

Nope, nothing new to report really.
Just ramblings.

I've been working on stuff.
I've got a thing that has taken up a fair amount of time, but that will have to be fully completed before I blog about it.
You can catch some glimpses of it on my instgram as always!

Other than that I've been doing some painting, which you can check out on The Underhive Hero.
The most recent project is my Escher Gang for Necromunda, so go check that out.

I've been spending a fair whack of time on Twitch too.
I'm up to 8 followers, which is cool!
I'm still giving away a digital copy of the first Starbomb album, so if you're interested on that, or just want to support the various thing i do, then follow me on there :3

I'm attending my third Smash Bros tournament on 18/05/2016!
I'm still crashing our very early in the competition, but such is life when you want to main Jigglypuff in a world full of Fox and Falco mains.
I did improve on my HawxX Nest performance, by actually advancing in the knockout round!
Bu tit's not enough, so more games to be played in preparation for that!

Next weekend is Slam Dunk, and the week after that is the Uk Games Expo, which I'm looking forward to immensely.

That's pretty much me summed up to be honest.
So, yeah, until next time...


Saturday, 7 May 2016

76. Custom Paintjob: Mice and Mystics part 10. The and back again... a mouses tail... (Project Complete).

A couple of posts ago I mentioned that I'd finished the custom paint job on my Mice & Mystics (by Plaid Hat Games) set.
I know I've posted these piecemeal over the course of about a year?
But I thought you'd appreciate them all in one place, to admire more readily at your leisure!

Before that I'd like to say some things.

If you've followed this project form the begging, thank you!
Watching my view count creep higher and higher has always drove me forward.... when I've thought about quitting the thought that someone out there is semi interested gave me a little push to carry on.
If you are new here, I also thank you!
Thanks all round; for taking some time out of your day to read some pointless words, and check out some models by some dude on the internet.

So without further adieu...

The good guys!




















The Bad guys.








Brown Rats



Grey Rats






Lets adventure!



And there you have it folks.
I actually have gone and completed another thing.
The world must be ending right?

Once again thanks for reading.
If you want to talk about models you can drop me a comment or Tweet me @DarKHaZZl3.
Feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism and even share your own... I'd love to see them!
Also, I will consider commissions, so if you think I may be a fit for you, drop me a message and we can discuss that too!

Be sure to check out my other projects too!
All the links are to the left of the page :)

That's all for now.
I'm working on some other stuff, so stay tuned.
Until then...

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

75. Building an empire...(kinda). Giveaway annoucement!!

I'm trying to re connect my internet life.

And by that I mean I'm trying to build up all of my stuff.

The Cardboard Cartographer has been on hiatus for too long to be honest.
I want to bring it back. The Twitter account has 200 followers now!
I'm really happy about it, but I need to start producing content for the e-zone again.

Hopefully I'll get that going again soon.

My YouTube and Twitch endeavors have stalled a little.
Editing videos is time consuming, and I don't think the things I stream make for great YouTube videos in the first place....so I'm considering my options in that corner for the world.

That being said, I kinda enjoy streaming...it gives me a regular outlet for the games I choose to stream.
I've also been considering a hobby stream....but to do that I need that sweet, sweet new microphone and camera haha.

With streaming in mind, I thought I'd announce a little thing.

I'm going to be doing a give away!
I announced this on stream on Tuesday.
When I hit 15 followers on Twitch, I'm going to give away a digital copy of the Starbomb album!
A bit of a random thing to give away, but it something I think gamers will enjoy, so...

This will be done through random chance.
All of my followers will be automatically entered.

So if you read my blog the go follow me on Twitch (and YouTube while you're at it!!)

Anyway, until next time


Monday, 2 May 2016

74. Custom Paintjob: Mice and Mystics part 9. Roaches to Riches.

Continuing on that Mice and Mystics hype...

I've finished the rest of the cockroaches that I didn't get to finish the first time around


They started out scorched brown with a highlight of dark flesh, then washed back down with a dark brown wash.
From there it was a cash of progressively highlighting with Dark flesh adding vermin brown with each layer.
A Flesh shading was was applied afterwards before being finished off with a final highlight of vomit brown.
And that's it

That's all the bad guys done, and all the good guys done!


I'll post a picture of the complete set (hopefully in action), to round off the post count to 10 for this series.
In the end I had a decent time painting them, despite the shoddy plastic the miniature are made from.

If you want to add some constructive criticism or have and other feedback/ questions, then feel free to drop me a comment on here, or hit me up on my Twitter.
If you'd like to see what I'm working o, as I'm working on it then follow me on Instagram.
And finally, if you're wondering what I do in between projects, follow me on Twitch and YouTube, as I'll either be playing games or doing a hobby stream!

So, until next time