Sunday, 26 April 2015

46. New stuff and a Gallery

So after the last post I've been trying to crack on with some more creative projects.

First port of call was to find a way to share these with you.
I created a personal Flickr account so I can share pictures on here. It can be found via the Gallery link in the navigation bar.
Alternatively you can click here.

With that out the way, I set about doing some drawing, painting and other stuff.

The later is what I want to show you today!

Sometime back I bought some Amiibo's with the sole intention of customising them and selling them.
While I still think I'll do this, it wont be with these ones.
These are more of a test for personal use.

So, first up we have Kirby.


My Kirby Amiibo is named Rubber Ross in honour of Ross from Game Grumps. Therefore it had to be blue!

I set about prepping the Amiibo for painting when I noticed the horrendous mold lines.


If I'm going to do these things, I'm going to do them right, so that had to be filled.



Much better.

While that dried I thought I'd get started on the second one.

My second Amiibo is Pikachu.
I was slightly disappointing to find that Pichu was not in Smash Bro's Wiiu.
While browsing the different colours and costumes in the game I noticed that there was a Pikachu with goggle, much like the Pichu with goggles from the older versions of the game.
Therefore Pichu Sr was born!


This one would require less painting, but more sculpting to create the goggles.
Luckily the Wiiu has a stage with a mirror so i could see all the angles I needed.


I started out by marking a rough set of goggles using a pen and some low tack modelling masking tape.


I then took a piece of plasticard...


...and cut out some goggles.


Using this method again I started to make templates for the straps.


To make the straps I used some expoy putty. I rolled it into sausage shapes and then smoothed those shapes over the templates.

When these are starting to dry I'll attach them to the Amiibo and start shaping them.

That is all for now.

Until next time


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

45. Watercolour

So there has been some inexplicably high traffic of late (at least, high for me at least).
This blog is asserting its existence it would appear.

 I have given a lot of thought to writing many an article. 
There are many topics which have been scratching at my mind, begging to given form. 
A lot of these topics are divisive, which is great! It would allow me to rant about something, which is always a cathartic experience for me.
 On the flip side my philosophy over the past couple of years has been 'don't be a dick' (unless it is while gaming, obviously). 
This is not only advice I would give out to both competing sides, but also myself, thus preventing any real structured debate to form in my mind. 
However, with the general election looming I don't know how long I can keep a lid on it. 

The Cardboard Cartographer is doing well. 
So far I've put up 3 issues covering some gaming news, Kickstarter previews as well a some reviews. In issue 3 we talked Five Tribes and the controversial 'Slave Card.' 
You can read about that (in two parts) here - The Cardboard Cartographer Issue 3 - Five Tribes 

Issue 4 will come out this weekend so be sure to check back on Sunday!

In other news, I've been trying to do more creative things again.
This process has been somewhat delayed due to preparing for future house redecorating , but I am doing things. And stuff.
So far it has mainly been sketches and thinking about ideas, but today I had a lot of time to kill so I did this;

I haven't used water colours in over 10 years.
It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, but to create an authentic watercolour 'feel,' may be a little more challenging.

Anyway, that is all for now.
Thanks for checking this out,